Christiane Berning, Business Development markilux, Schmitz-Werke, Emsdetten

“markilux provides added comfort for balconies and patios. We are now investing in the construction of a new office building at our Emsdetten location. We are delighted that our sales and technical units will be reunited. The two divisions were forced to move to separate places ten years ago due to a lack of space. At the current sales location, a building that has been rented since 2006, we have been testing the planned office concept since the summer: an open office environment for a primarily digital way of working that is equally suited to focused and to service-oriented tasks. Krüger advised us at every step, from the initial considerations on how to optimise the previous rental space to the decision on the new building, right on up to its realisation now.”

g.on experience gmbh

Dr Uwe Meyer, CEO, g.on experience gmbh

“g.on experience gmbh provides geo-information solutions for the logistics, administration, utilities and industrial sectors. We specialise in web portals for site operators. Our focus is on outstanding speed, the utmost accuracy and maximum reliability. Krüger also embodies all of these traits. Not only did they find the perfect office space in the sustainable Dark Green Building at the Loddenheide industrial estate, they also worked with us to design the interior and develop fittings and furnishings, plus they arranged for a well-rounded, individual financing concept with the landlord.”

Bastian Hübschen, Country Manager DACH, Brooks Running Company

“Brooks has grown significantly in the last ten years and has established itself as one of the most important running brands on the market. Sales activities in the German-speaking world, the most important market in Europe in terms of sales, are managed from Münster. Our new office in Loddenheide was developed in cooperation with Krüger as an efficient, sustainable building that meets the most up-to-date environmental standards. The building was planned “from the inside out”, based on our requirements and wishes for the new working environment. That has given us the opportunity to further optimise structures and working processes. And our employees, who love running, are very enthusiastic about the lakeside location, where there is a path that goes along the lake and straight into the Friedenspark.”

Spithöver-Forum, St. Josef-Stift, Sendenhorst

Rita Tönjann, Managing Director, St. Josef-Stift Sendenhorst

“The new Spithöver Forum, which is named after the foundation’s founder Josef Spithöver, offers the St. Josef-Stift organization a significantly enlarged employee cafeteria and multi-functional event location with a capacity of up to 300 people for celebrations, symposia, patient information meetings, concerts and other cultural events. The Forum was designed without obstructive pillars and is equipped up-to-the-minute technology. The interior was planned and executed by Krüger, as were several others at our organisation over the past 30 years. Along with aesthetic considerations, the design focuses on functional aspects including lighting and acoustics. Because we had to meet the needs of the Forum’s various users, flexibility was particularly important to us. And that’s one of the qualities that set the Krüger team apart.”

Sandra Oelgeklaus, Managing Director of KAREIMA GmbH, Kamen, Germany

“KAREIMA GmbH is a medium-sized, family-owned company based in Kamen, Germany. The company focuses on the distribution of innovative cleaning machines and commercial cleaning supplies. KAREIMA has built up its reputation for providing services to service providers over almost 25 years, and has developed into one of the largest full-range suppliers of commercial cleaning equipment in North Rhine-Westphalia. In Krüger, we have found a partner for the interior design of our new building in the Technopark Kamen development, that fits our own highly customer-oriented philosophy: expert practice-oriented advice and rapid, individual solutions. And the USM Haller furniture system can support the company in its dynamic future development – a tidy solution!”

Reiner Baumbach, Managing Partner, Atair Group

“When it comes to the growth and development of our workspaces, we put our trust in Krüger – as we have for almost half our company’s successful 30-year history. We are a perfect fit because the values of “identification, authenticity and engagement”, which distinguish the people at our company, are also a measure of success for Krüger. The company’s approach, which involves creating a more positive atmosphere by improving working environments, has been implemented on three floors at our offices. We were particularly concerned about acoustics, because it was an issue in the building. A mixture of special acoustic elements and noise-reducing products from USM and Vitra has created an optimum workspace for our employees, both functionally and visually.”

Dr. Burkhard Branding, Deputy Chairman of the KZVWL

“The Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Westfalen-Lippe (The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Dentists of Westphalia-Lippe) represents the interests of approximately 5,400 dentists in the Westphalia-Lippe region. Our administrative headquarters in Münster is a typical 1970s office block, which we are gradually modernizing. The first stage in that process was the adaptation of the canteen, which serves the approximately 150 employees at the location, to modern standards of hygiene and current processes. Krüger was responsible for the full functional and aesthetic planning of the new facility, which it implemented in cooperation with a major kitchen specialist. The air conditioning system, toilets and entrance were completely rebuilt, the drink vending machines were covered and integrated into the new interior, and the traditional dining room was transformed into a modern communication room, with a bright contemporary atmosphere that is equally suited to a lunchtime meal or spontaneous meetings.”

Bernd Hugenroth, Managing Director, energielenker GmbH

“energielenker GmbH is a nationally active company that specializes in the fields of regenerative and decentralised energy supply. The Airport Center at Münster Osnabrück Airport is the ideal location, and it comes with ideal partners: Together with Ronald Klaholz, Managing Director of Immobilien Gruppe Münster, which manages the Airport Center, Krüger offers a convincing overall package. We get our lessee fittings – plasterboard ceilings, glass dividing walls, sanitary and electrical installations, and floor coverings – and all our furniture from a single source. Efficiently planned, delivered on time, with high quality standards, no communication problems between the trades and none of the otherwise unavoidable additional costs for skilled tradespeople. And Krüger provided an attractive lease arrangement for the third phase of construction, which has just been completed. That gives us the financial flexibility to continue to pursue our successful development in a dynamic market.”

RheinLand Versicherungen - Büroeinrichtung von Krüger

Andreas Peters, Asset Management/Real Estate RheinLand Versicherungs AG

“They achieved the seemingly impossible: In just eight days and nights Krüger and the logistics service provider Gottschalk created a new office environment for almost 750 employees. Approximately 10,000 square meters were completely emptied in just 24 hours. A total of 140 plasterboard walls were demolished, and 60 mobile system partition walls, 950 sound absorbers, 540 desks with mobile drawer units, 320 swivel chairs and 70 acoustic partitions were delivered and set up. At times, 120 tradespeople were working simultaneously. Then the whole IT and telephone system, which had been put into storage, was installed. The following Monday morning, every employee was able to start work as usual at a new workstation. The creation of temporary workstations during the project with no disruption to our work was a particular achievement. That meant our customers were hardly affected by the office revamp at all. We’d like to thank Krüger for the tailored advice and planning process, and for the professional implementation of this ambitious project.”

Michael Rieken, Member of the Board of Directors, Bohnenkamp AG, Osnabrück, Germany

“Bohnenkamp AG has grown rapidly in recent years. Today it is Europe’s no. 1 for agricultural tyres and wheels. Krüger is our full-service partner for interiors. Three floors of existing office space at our headquarters in Osnabrück have been converted since 2003, in four stages, and a new logistics centre and further office floor have been constructed. Because the use of space on the redesigned floors is significantly more efficient, we can accommodate up to a third more employees in the same space. Glass dividing walls, acoustic elements, electric adjustable desks and informal meeting spaces have created an attractive working environment. That has allowed us to significantly increase employee numbers without the need for new locations.”